PMS, Hormones & Balance

If you suffer from PMS, there is a lot to gain from balancing hormones and neurotransmitters. If you're in pre menopause or in menopause and have mood swings, hot flushes or mental disorders, it is well worth investigating your hormones and / or levels of neurotransmitters.

These disorders are sometimes treated with blocking drugs and synthetic hormones.

Mia Lundin describes in her book Kaos i Kvinnohjärnan that you have alot to gain by restoring your balances and secure the availability of the nutrients your body and brain must have in order to produce the right hormones and neurotransmitters.


These advice should not replace medicines. What we should remember is that drugs rarely cure your deficiency or imbalance so read about symptoms and treatment before deciding on major interventions.

What is not mentioned in the book is that the minerals zinc and copper are the basic materials for progesterone and estrogen, so in the long term, an evaluation of mineral balance with hair mineral analysis or frequency analysis can contribute to your own healing.