Hair mineral analysis / Hair analysis (children and adults)

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Product Description:

The hair mineral analysis shows your mineral needs and possibly. excess of heavy metals. The analysis follows advice on mineral programs for three months. The minerals are shown in different bar charts with subsequent text that you go through together over the phone with the nutrition therapist.

You get home a sampling kit. You cut your hair and return to send it to the lab in the United States. The answer takes three weeks.

Review of the analytical answer by phone or visit is included!

When you order your analysis, you will get a 10% discount on the products that belong to the program!

Hair analysis is recommended especially for you that:

Planning to get pregnant or is pregnant

High level athletes

Is burned out 

Works with heavy metals or in industry.

Has it's own well

Has dyslexia

Has cramps

Does dialysis (especially molybdenum levels are interesting)

Has ADHD or ADD where mineral imbalance is one of the areas you look at.

Have Autism

Has estrogen surplus, possibly with a disease associated with it

Is depressed (especially copper / zinc balance is interesting)

Special price for children and adolescents with ADHD or other psychosocial diagnosis! At ADHD, magnesium and zinc are always too low according to the analyzes I have done for several years.

Do you have an investigation? Does it include blood tests? In mental disorders, vitamin D, B12, zinc and fatty acid balance are particularly important. Allergens also often cause mental stress.

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